get paid to create branded sports experiences

The job

Introduce people to exciting apps and brands. Help them get excited about our partners and get started using their apps.

rep hot brands

so hot we can’t tell you who on this site, so reach out to find out more

Work with celebs

from the NBA, NFL, Music, Film & TV

get the bag

get your piece of the sports gaming gold rush

The pay

30 an houR for events
Plus bonuses for sign ups
3D money bag
Gift box with coin and confetti

Get paid just for showing up at our events.

Payroll goes out weekly.

We pay the top earning teams juicy bonuses.

You get rewarded for your success.

And solo freelance pay
3D Open Envelope with Money inside

Are you a lone wolf? We respect that.

Work anytime anywhere for a flat rate per conversion.

We have fun with it

Who We Are

We were founded by 3 roommates from UCLA named Travis, Zach and Guy who saw an opportunity in the new sports gaming app marketplace to capitalize on a once in a lifetime opening to monetize gaming companies while creating new value to players and fans.

Tech Pattern 3D Lined Shape

Now accepting